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Magical Toys

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magical toys

Magical castle

There are plenty of magical toys out there from magical unicorns to all your kid will need to give a great magic show! The Princess Magical Fairy tale Castle Play Set from Disney is an enchanting fairy tale castle with ten princess dolls to play with, this will surely be a great Christmas gift for all those little princesses!  The My Pillow Pet Unicorn is a really cute purple Unicorn that will be perfect for your kid to snuggle up to at night or any time at all.

Magical Gifts for Magical Kids

Talking of magic we have to mention Harry Potter! The Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Magical Wands will let your kid spend hours in imaginative play as they battle the dark powers Voldermort!  This set has three wands so you can choose which charter to be and see who can cast the best spells!  The Fisher-Price Magical Tea for Two set has a enough tea for everyone!  With four tea cups and a teapot this great tea set will mean your kid won’t want stop making tea for all their friends and family, with the tea pot able to hold real liquid it gives the set a real sense that will delight kids.


This is a neat and unusual creative gift for any kid who loves water.  With Aquasand you can create your very own underwater kingdoms using the amazing properties of the sand itself.   As soon you

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Zibits are the cute range of radio-controlled miniature robots which can race each other, turn, flash lights and make sounds; a combination which has already proved a big hit with children. Prepar

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Your little girl will feel like a princess when she sets her eyes upon the Disney Princess Ultimate Dream Castle. Fairytales come to life with this amazing three-story castle that features her

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Were you under the impression Pokemon dominated the world of collectible card games? The global hit may be big, but it was not the first.  Magic: The Gathering was hitting the streets as early as

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