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WWE smacks down the competition!  The incredible popularity of the World Wrestling Entertainment – WWE – pro wrestling circuit has seen a string of toy spin-offs with all of the most popular figures from the ring recreated in plastic form!  Your kid can recreate all the storylines of their favorite characters, whether it´s the Undertaker or Vicky Gurrrero.  You can get nearly all of the wrestlers in action figure form whether male or female.

WWE stars are ready to wrestle

If your child is an avid fan of WWE Raw and Smackdown, you probably already know who John Cena, HHH and Shawn Michaels are and, as well as the ever increasing range of action figures, you can also buy WWE arenas for the toys to do battle in.  There is also a great range of DVDs so you can relive all fantastic twists, crosses and double crosses that are all part of everyday life in the WWE.  As well as this there are great video games that mean you can train and compete as your favorite wrestler and aim for the world title!

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