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  • Brands


    The Vulli company was established in 1945 by Joseph Vullierme and has achieved icon status thanks to their bestselling baby toy Sophie the Giraffe. Vulli manufactures eco-friendly baby products; i

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  • Pokémon

    Pokémon: 1st Generation

    The Pokemon species has been released on the world in waves, or generations with Generation 1!  The red, green, blue and pikachu characters forming the initial 151 characters of Generation 1 have bec

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  • Educational Toys

    CSI Jr. Investigator Kit

    Give the gift of knowledge and surprise your inquisitive child with the Edu Science CSI Junior Investigator Kit.  Provide your boy or girl with endless hours of fun as they analyze crime scenes,

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  • Characters


    Squinkies are taking over the world, bubble by bubble!  Squinkies are tiny squashy toys which are sold in plastic bubbles and have proved surprisingly popular.  With distinct ranges aimed at girls a

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  • Characters

    Mighty Beanz

    A wacky idea from Australian toy company Moose Entertainment, the Mighty Beanz are one-inch long beans which topple, race each other, bound along and generally act in an entirely unpredictable way

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