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  • Leapfrog

    LeapFrog Text and Learn

    The perfect first keyboard, a LeapFrog Text and Learn The Leap Frog Text and Learn is an innovative way for children to recognize letter names and sounds and get an introduction to keyboard skills

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  • Hasbro


    Monopoly beats all the competition A perennial family favorite, Monopoly is still a massively popular worldwide hit, thanks partly to a variety of franchised versions of the game including Star War

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  • Brands

    FAO Schwarz

    Iconic, prestigious, enchanting – those are the words that best describe the legendary toy maker, FAO Schwarz. What began in Baltimore in 1862 by Frederick August Otto Schwarz, has remained Nort

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  • Brands

    Baby Banana

    Baby Banana is the pioneering company that re-invented the toothbrush industry for children. The Baby Banana Brush was created by a mother whose son was injured when he fell on his toothbrush. The

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  • Pokémon

    Pokémon Generation 2

    The much-anticipated arrival of Pokemon Generation 2 introduced several innovations to the incredibly popular game.  100 new characters were introduced using 86 new moves and two new types were unvei

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