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  • Characters

    The Lord of the Rings

    One toy to rule them all... When John Ronald Reuel Tolkien first penned his epic Lord of the Rings trilogy for his son Christopher he can little have imagined the impact his work would have on popu

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  • Toy Story

    Buzz Lightyear

    Although Woody may be the hero of the Toy Story film franchise it is fearless and only slightly bumbling space ranger Buzz Lightyear who most readily springs to mind when the films are mentioned.  Ba

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  • Brands


    Playskool is the legendary toy brand that belongs to the Hasbro group of companies. The Playskool Institute was founded by two teachers in 1901 as an educational toy company. Originally, Playskool

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  • Lego

    Lego Technic

    Lego Technic - the expert builder Lego´s enduring popularity with older children and young teenagers is largely down to its Lego Technic range which has been around, in one guise or another, for m

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