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We have the newest toys and the most popular brands available today. Our selection of toys includes Legos, dolls, teddy bears, costumes, family games, instruments, puzzles, and many more. In addition to toys for kids, you’ll also find CDs, DVDs, gaming consoles, video games, clothing, books, and sports.

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  • Baby

    Baby Stroller

    Choosing the right baby stroller Your first baby stroller is an important choice and every year more and more choice, including chunkier and more lavish - and costly - models seem to enter the ma

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  • Toys

    Educational Toys

      Educational toys - a valuable learning tool If you are looking for a place to buy great educational toys, try the ToysSale website for children of any age. ToysSale has toys to teach subj

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  • Brands

    Baby Björn

    Baby Björn is the Swedish company celebrated for their chic and pioneering baby products. Founded in 1961 by Björn Jakobson, the vision of creating a premiere baby brand with creative design and

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  • Gifts

    appBlaster iPhone Gun

    Most of the handy information on these pages is about toys, with the younger members of the family squarely in mind, although we sometimes come across a toy or gadget we want for ourselves, and we

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  • Marvel Universe


    Thor is the Norse God of Thunder and packs one hell of a punch in the Marvel Universe.  This popular and well-loved character first appeared in Marvel Comics in the 1960s.  With his all-powerful

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