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  • Hasbro


    Monopoly beats all the competition A perennial family favorite, Monopoly is still a massively popular worldwide hit, thanks partly to a variety of franchised versions of the game including Star War

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  • Characters

    Pop-on Pals

    Pop-on Pals simply pop into their clothes ... and out!  An original twist on the world of collectable toy characters, pop-on pals are figures which simply pop on and off accessories like their cl

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  • Hasbro

    GI Joe - Real American toys

    GI Joe – Real American toys ready to battle Cobra With the evil forces of Cobra threatening the world´s freedom through their own brand of global terror, only the Real American Heroes of GI Jo

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  • Brands

    Little Tikes

    Little Tikes makes playing super fun! The Little Tikes brand is famous for its moulded plastic durable toys for infants and young children, embodied by its hugely popular, 6 million-selling Cozy Co

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  • Characters


    Squinkies are taking over the world, bubble by bubble!  Squinkies are tiny squashy toys which are sold in plastic bubbles and have proved surprisingly popular.  With distinct ranges aimed at girls a

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